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Our History: About Don Serapios Mexican Restaurant

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Don Serapio's -- A History of Excellence

Back in the 1950’s Janie’s father, Serapio Sanchez,serapio2_200 with the help of his son Larry, opened up his first restaurant. In 1954, the first El Rancho Sanchez was opened up in Oklahoma City, with four more started afterwards.  It was at the first El Rancho Sanchez that Janie first met Jim Meadows. As the family owned and operated restaurants began to close down, Jim and Janie realized it was time to carry on the family tradition of fine food and service.

In 1981, Jim and Janie Meadows opened up Don Serapio’s on May Avenue in Oklahoma City, OK. Using the traditional family recipes combined with personal, exceptional service, the restaurant was and is highly successful. The Meadows special way of doing business also extends to their employees.

An amazing variety of people come to Don Serapio’s  from countries all around the world (Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, and the south pacific). Janie and Jim think that its not just the food that keep people coming back. “Take a family tradition and treat people like family, “ says Jim...and this is the result you get.

The food does speak for itself, though. The Chili Burrito is one of their most popular dishes, along with the enchiladas, tamales, fajitas, and more! All the food is made in the restaurant. “We take time to do it the right way AND to do it the hard way”, says Janie. Their homemade cheese sauce is fabulous...just the right flavor and consistency.

Don Serapio’s even has quality, delicious food for those who don’t love Mexican food. Customers rave about their Big Rib-Eye Steak, shrimp, catfish, and chicken-fried steak. They have many consistent patrons who often come more than one time a week....they also come because they feel like they are part of the family!



People Rave About Our Desserts...

Churros - Two long fried pastries rolled in sugar and cinnamon. No filling or apple, rasberry, or Bavarian cream. Served with vanilla or cinnamon Ice cream.

Xango - (pronounced like “chango”) flour tortilla filled with cheese cake filling, deep-fried, rolled in cinnamon sugar, and topped with hot fudge or caramel, served with vanilla or cinnamon ice cream.
Four varieties of xangos are: plain cheesecake, lemon flavored, cheesecake, chocolate marble cheesecake, and banana caramel cheesecake.

Fried icecream - ice cream ball rolled in coconut and cornflake crumbs, deep-fried then rolled in graham cracker crumbs and cinnamon and sugar Placed in a fried tortilla shell, then topped with hot fudge or caramel or strawberry topping... and add whipped cream, or course!

Flan - Mexican custard with a caramel sauce. Delicious! Best you can ever find! Nice and light, just right after one of our generous portions for lunch or dinner. We use real Mexican cinnamon and vanilla.

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Only The Freshest, Most Delicious Rice & Beans

dreamstime_3387083colorfuldatalisticon1WOW! You've got to taste our Rice & Beans! We cook our own! FRESH, every day. From our very own family recipe. No minute rice is used here!

A "Well Seasoned" Website

You'll see Red Hot Chili Peppers throughout our site...along with great photos of Mexico to add just the right "seasonings" to our website.  We use delicious, flavorful chili peppers in our cooking.  From the most mild to RED HOT!  Just tell us how you like your chili peppers.